Select a video caption file

Add closed captions to video

  1. First, you will need to create a caption file in the supported format, WebVTT. To do this, create a text file using Windows' Notepad or similar application.
  2. Type the caption text using the WebVTT format. You can find an example of this here:
  3. Save the text file using UTF-8 encoding.
    Notepad file containing WebVTT format video captions
  4. Change the file extension for your file to “vtt”.
    Change File Extension to .vtt
  5. In SmartBuilder, select the video object to which you want to add captions.
  6. In the Properties panel, click the Caption File property to select the WebVTT file (*.vtt;) you created earlier.
    Video Object Properties: Caption File
  7. Note You will need to publish your lesson and host it online in order to be able to view the closed captions.