Use a gradient in a shape

Note The process outlined here for creating a gradient fill can be replicated when creating gradients for other objects such as Buttons or the Percent Gauge.

  1. Select the shape you want to edit.
  2. In the Properties panel, click Fill.
    Shape Property: Fill
  3. Change the Fill dropdown to select Gradient.
    Shape Fill Options
  4. Click Add to add colors to your gradient.
  5. For each color you add you can adjust its Stop Position and its Transparency. You can also adjust the overall Angle of the gradient.

Tip When creating a gradient, first add the number of color stops you want to use, and then adjust the settings for each one.

Tip When creating a standard three color gradient the first color will have a Stop Position of 0 the middle color a Stop Position of 50 and the last color a Stop Position of 100. This will create a smooth three color gradient. You can, of course, adjust your stops differently to create other gradients.

Three Color Gradient
Three Color Gradient