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Create branches in your flow

Why use branches?

In most cases, your lesson flow can remain linear. However, branches can be useful in the following situations:

Create a branch (multiple, connected pages)

Before you can create a branch, you will need at least three pages:

  1. The starting page, i.e., the page from which the branches will stem
  2. The first page of Branch A
  3. The first page of Branch B
    Three Pages in Flow

To create a branch:

  1. If the first page of the first branch is not already directly after the starting page, move it there.
  2. Drag the first page of the second branch under the first page of the first branch. When you see a horizontal blue line, you can drop the page into position.
    Moving a page in the Flow
  3. There are now two branches. You can add or move pages to either branch.
    Pages moved to create a branch
  4. To create another branch, drag the first page of the new branch underneath either existing branch, as you did in Step 2.

Copy and paste a branch

  1. Press Shift and click the first page of the branch to select all the pages in the branch.
  2. Right-click the page, and then click Flow Copy.
  3. Right-click the page where you want to paste the branch, and then click Paste.

Delete a branch

Note If you click Delete Branch from another page in the branch (not the starting page), only the pages from that one until the end of the branch will be deleted.