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Effects when objects are shown or hidden

Show/hide effects are animations that can be triggered on an object when you show or hide it. For example, when you show some text, you can choose to make it appear instantly, or make it fade in or slide in.

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Set up show/hide effects using actions

Action triggers are typically used if you want to show or hide objects based on a learner's actions (e.g. clicking on a button), rather than using an audio or video track to trigger showing/hiding.

  1. Add a when/do block (trigger) to your action canvas. In this example, we’ll use Button.onClick
    Button 1 on click
  2. Select the object you want to show or hide and snap the desired action block into the when/do block. In this example, we’ll show a text object.
    On Button 1 Click Show Rich Text
  3. Click the effect dropdown and choose the desired effect.
    show block effect dropdown
  4. By default the effect time will last 1 second (1000 milliseconds). See Change the speed of an effect.

Set up show/hide effects using properties

When showing or hiding objects via the timeline, you must use the Show/Hide Effect property in the Properties panel.

The Show/Hide property can also be used when an object is shown or hidden via actions, however, since the effect is linked to the object itself, you must use the same effect (e.g., fade) every time the object is shown or hidden. In contrast, when you use the effect dropdown in the show/hide action block, you can choose different effects (or no effect) each time an object is shown or hidden.

  1. Add the object you want to use to the timeline. See Set up a timeline animation.
  2. Select the object, then in the properties panel adjust the Show Effect and Hide Effect dropdowns.
    Show Hide Effects Properties

Note If you add an effect via the Properties panel and also use a show/hide action block, any effect in the action block will override the Show/Hide Effect property.

Change the speed of an effect

  1. Click the Advanced › Effects action category and add the Config block to your action.
  2. Adjust the number block to change the number of milliseconds the effect will take to complete.
    Add number value to duration in milliseconds

Note By default, the effect duration will last 1 second (1000 milliseconds). To have different effect durations, use the Config effect duration (ms) block. In the example below, when the page loads Character 1 will show with an effect that will last 4.5 seconds. Then, the rich text object will show, but since the Reset configuration block has been used, the effect will only last for 1 second, which is the default duration.
Reset config example