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Show or hide an object

  1. Select the object you want to show or hide.
  2. From the flyout menu, drag and drop the show or hide block onto your action canvas.
    Action Canvas: Flyout Panel
  3. Snap the show or hide block into your action.
    Action Block: Show Callout Bubble

Note The show and hide blocks do the same thing as the set visibility block.

Action Blocks

The latter approach offers additional flexibility that is useful for more advanced situations, such as showing or hiding an object based on the state of another object, or the value or a variable.

Action Block

Make an object start hidden or visible

Right-click on the object and uncheck Start Visible to make the object initially hidden, or check it to make the object start visible.

right click start visible option

To toggle several objects from initially visible to hidden, or vice-versa, in a single step:

  1. Multi-select the objects on the stage or in the Cast
  2. In the Properties panel, uncheck the Start Visible checkbox to make the objects initially hidden, or check it to make the objects start visible.
    Action Block