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The Search feature can be a powerful time-saver when you create or troubleshoot a lesson.

Note The Search feature does not currently provide automatic find/replace functionality. However, you can leave the window open as you go from page to page to manually change objects.

Tip Hover over a cell in the Location column to view the page number.

search results


Click the Edit menu and select Search.

edit menu with search highlighted
Type of Search Example


Find all instances of text containing "AI" so you can change them to "artificial intelligence". In this example, you should check Case Sensitive because you only want to locate the term "AI" and not words containing "ai", such as "brain".

search text


The Publish window warns you that your lesson includes Tahoma font, which you have not embedded in your lesson. You want to locate all these instances and change them to Roboto, which is embedded.

search font


You use SmartBuilder’s style feature to change your Heading1 text to bold, but notice that some heading text remains normal (non-bolded). You search for the term "heading" and discover that the heading text on certain pages use the style "Heading2" by mistake. You can now update these to use Heading1.

search style


Some pages include "Next" buttons. You want to consolidate the next page logic on a master page. You search for any objects that include "next" in their names so that you can locate and delete the next buttons on non-master pages.

search name


Your actions are being thrown off because there are objects with the tag "Correct" that have been copied into places they should not be. You search for all objects that have a tag of "Correct" and remove the tag from objects that should not have that tag. Checking Case Sensitive will ensure that you don’t get results for "Incorrect"

search tag

Regular Expression

search regualr expression

Regular Expression can be used to search for patterns of text, for example searching for "^Section" will return results for any string that starts with "Section". Note This will only return results for an entire string (entire text block) that starts with "Section", not any instance of the word "Section" that may appear in the body of text.

Similarly, searching for "tion$" will return results for any string (entire block of text) that ends in "tion". For an introduction to regex, see this link.

Search in Actions

Click the Edit menu and select Search in Actions.

search in actions
Type of Search Example


You have a variable that is being set to TRUE when it should be FALSE, but are having trouble finding where it is being set. You can search for variables by name, and see where those actions are. This may be helpful if you have several similarly named variables, such as "Topic1Complete", "Topic2Complete", etc. and you want to search for "Topic" to see where all those variables are used.

Also useful when searching for local variables, where the name may be reused multiple times on a page, or on multiple pages.

Note If you’re looking for one specific variable, you can alternatively find or add an instance of that variable in an Action Canvas, and then right click, and choose Find Action Blocks, which will highlight all the action blocks that set or get that variable -

Global event

You are using global events to add to a lesson-wide performance meter. However, each time you add to the meter, the amount added is doubled. You can search for the global event name to see if you have 2 actions that are redundant.

search global event

String (text)

You have text appearing in your lesson, but running a regular text search yields no results. There might be an action setting this text dynamically. Searching for a string (text) will show any action text blocks that contain that text.

search string text


An action using tags is misbehaving somewhere in your lesson. You can search for where those tag blocks are being used.

search tag


Your lesson is reporting multiple scores to the LMS. You can select the SCORM: send score block and find any other instances of that same block.

search block

Note This is for blocks that are not tied to a specific object. If you are looking for any actions that reference a particular object, you would select that object on the page, right click, and choose Find Action Blocks.