Send xAPI calls to third party LRSs

When using a third party LRS (not SmartTracker), if you import your lesson into the LRS/LMS, this usually means that the LRS/LMS will automatically configure your lesson with the necessary information (endpoint, learner information, credentials, etc.) to allow it to track data back to the LRS.

However, if you want to launch your lesson from outside the LRS/LMS (e.g. launch from a plain web server, or from a learner’s computer) you will need to specify information in the lesson output so that the lesson knows where to report the xAPI information. Obtain the following information from your LRS provider:

  1. To add this information to your lesson, first publish the lesson and check the Enable xAPI checkbox.
    lesson publish smarttracker xAPI options
  2. After publishing the lesson, click Open File Location to view the output files.
    lesson publish complete open file location
  3. Navigate to the app folder.
    app folder in output
  4. Open the tincanConfig.js file with a text editor.
    output files tincan config javascript file
  5. Uncomment the following lines (delete the "//" characters at the beginning of the line) and add the information for your LRS within the quotes.
    config file details
    config file details
  6. Save the file, and your lesson is configured and ready to be deployed.
  7. Test your lesson and confirm reporting in your LRS.